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From Mesopotamia,
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Celebrations were quite common during Sumerian times. These celebrations involved food, music, and games. Lamb, fish, and grains were a main food for the celebration. Another common food was unleavened bread flat, hard bread that doesn't rise into a loaf.

Music was an integral part of celebrations. Harps, tambourines, and drums were made from reeds, palm trees, and the skin and bones of animals. Dancing and singing usually accompanied the music.

Games, specifically board games, were played. Although archaeologists have not found any written documentation for directions or rules of games, playing boards were found. These games were played for fun by people of all ages.

Cater the King's Wedding

Have students plan a celebration that honors the marriage of a Sumerian king. Divide the class into groups to plan the various aspects of the wedding. Individual groups can write invitations, plan the menu, write speeches, and create activities to take place during the celebration. Suggest that they invite their parents or another class to attend the wedding.

Make a Cylinder Seal

Have students create a cylinder seal that represents a celebration such as a wedding or harvest. Students can sculpt images on a piece of styrofoam shaped like a cylinder and roll it onto a piece of modeling clay.

Write a Travel Brochure

Create a travel brochure to encourage other students to attend a Sumerian celebration. The brochure should have an eye-catching cover with a captivating headline. Aspects of Sumerian culture and the significance of the celebration should be highlighted through illustrations and persuasive paragraphs.

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