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Women's History

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A History of Women's Achievement in AmericaA History of Women's Achievement in America

Examine the 400-year history of American women through 52 three- to five-minute mini-biographies. Arranged chronologically through eight eras...
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The Women's Rights MovementThe Women's Rights Movement: The United States

Excerpts from ABC news broadcasts, documentary film clips, and lively commentary trace the women’s movement from the colonies through the 20th century.
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The Hardest Struggle: Women and Sweated Industrial LaborThe Hardest Struggle: Women and Sweated Industrial Labor

Lessons and primary-source documents vividly illustrate the historic plight of women in the workplace.
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The Seneca Falls Women's Rights ConventionThe Seneca Falls Women's Rights Convention

A pleasure to hold and peruse, this book captures a seminal moment in the story of America. Part of the set Landmark Events in American History.
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  • Sacajawea, an essay that gives a brief history of the life of Sacajawea, then reviews a range of curriculum materials (including books, videocassettes, activities, and visual aids) that discuss topics relating to Sacajawea, Lewis and Clark, and their famous expedition.

  • Amelia Earhart: Book and videocassette resources, as well as suggestions for related hands-on activities, and a research-oriented Amelia Earhart exercise.

  • Women in Wartime: From the American Revolution to Vietnam: an essay with links to suitable curriculum materials.

  • Women in Politics: an essay with links to suitable curriculum materials.

  • American Women At Work, a historical overview of women in many periods of American History, from colonial times to the "mommy tracks" of the 1990's.

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  Gifts of Speech: Women's Speeches from Around the World: Supported by Sweet Briar College, this site is dedicated to preserving and creating access to speeches made by influential contemporary women. Users can read the text of speeches by Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Sojourner Truth, Barbara Jordan, Margaret Thatcher, Eleanor Roosevelt, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Susan B. Anthony, Mother Teresa, Aung San Suu Kyi, Toni Morrison, Pearl Buck, Margaret Atwood, and more.

The National Museum of Women in the Arts: The National Museum of Women in the Arts located in Washington, D.C. exhibits the achievements of women artists of all periods and nationalities. Users can browse through profiles of selected artists and historical background on the periods covered in the museum's permanent collection. Also available is an online tour through the collection with video clips narrated by the museum's founder.

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