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Active Classroom: World History

More than 1000 inquiry-based lessons give teachers the power to differentiate for every ability level and learning style by blending hands-on, print, and digital activities that offer a wide variety of content choices and activity types. Learn More »

Atlas of World History

Conveying big concepts visually, chronological units cover major eras through maps, text, and infographics that make history comprehensible. The atlas’s spreads of captioned, full-color maps and images are labeled “A-B-C-D” to guide readers logically from idea to idea. Learn More »

Mapping World History

Hands-on activities based on 60 lesson plans plus big markable foldout maps and the Atlas of World History challenge students to look for historical patterns and relationships, analyze those patterns for causes and effects, and synthesize their conclusions as visualizations and in writing. Learn More »
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Common Core World History

Uncomplicate the process of satisfying Common Core standards. With resources designed to hit Common Core standards while reinforcing core history content, these booklet packs also develop reading, writing, and historical thinking skills. Learn More »
Social Studies Solutions

Primary Source Analysis

Debating the Documents, History Unfolding

Use excellent text and visual primary source analysis activities. Easily hit state and national standards with primary source activities involving multiple points of views, DBQ essay-writing, and debates. Learn More »

Complete World History Map Set

Mapping big ideas that make eras of historic change immediately visible, 32 wall maps (roll-down or mounted on tripods) are available individually or in various purpose-tailored sets. Nystrom maps are classroom-durable and markable with most wet-erase markers. Learn More »

StrataLogica Secondary License

Making most of Nystrom’s maps, globes, atlases, and activity sets digital and available to teachers and students both in school and at home, StrataLogica’s wide array of resources makes it a great teacher presentation tool and an endlessly adaptable platform for student projects. Contact us to learn more »