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It's time to uncomplicate the process of satisfying Common Core standards.
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Meeting state and national standards shouldn’t be complicated

Simplify the Standards

With resources designed to hit Common Core standards while reinforcing core history content, these booklet packs also develop reading, writing, and historical thinking skills. All the activities in Applying Common Core and Common Core Assessments have clear instructions, suggested answers, and they require minimal prep time.

"Common Core standards challenge history teachers to develop
in students the complex literacy skills they need in today's world…"
—Jonathan Burack, author of Common Core Assessments series

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Common Core Assessments: World War II
Common Core Assessments: The Cold War

Common Core Assessments

  • Develop strong historical thinking skills with reading and writing activities, crafted to correspond to the standards.
  • Each booklet contains lessons for the 9 Common Core History/Social Studies Reading Standards, and 2 writing assignments using 2 of the 4 anchor Common Core History/Social Studies Writing Standards. These work perfectly as focused Common Core activities to supplement topics you already teach.


Packs contain 16 or 24 booklets. Each booklet has Basic Level activities for middle school and Advanced Level activities for high school, plus suggested answers.





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Student handout page
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Teacher instruction page

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  1. Each activity lists which standards are covered.
  2. Includes thorough explanations of what abilities and skills the standard is designed to measure.
  3. Assessment is easy with answers provided for reading activities and examples of best responses provided for writing questions.
  4. Reproducible student handouts provide primary sources along with in-depth source information to indicate historical context.
Develop key historical thinking skills:
  • General and discipline-
    specific literacy
  • Primary and secondary sources
  • Critical thinking
  • Citing evidence
  • Close reading
  • Point of view
  • Corroborating sources
  • Contextualizing
Let us build Common Core into your high school world history curriculum
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U.S. History Booklets