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7th Grade
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Teach literacy and social studies at the same time
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Contextualize literacy and social studies
using stories that students actively create



Storypath serves up daily opportunities to practice key literacy skills students need to nail English language arts and social studies standards, while solidifying civic values. These uniquely immersive role-playing units motivate students to learn the reading and writing skills required to successfully create their Storypath characters.

"Stories help us remember and make sense of our lives and the lives around us."
Wiggins, Grant, and Jay McTighe. ASCD. Understanding by Design. Alexandria, VI: ASCD,1998.

Our literacy strategy is storytelling

The Storypath strategy uses the components of story—scene, character, and plot—to organize curriculum into meaningful and memorable learning experiences. Learners are motivated to build literacy skills as they are guided to create the scene, become the characters, and solve problems presented by the plot, which culminates with a concluding event. Storypath units structure learning experiences and offer an authentic context for literacy-building.

Supports the standards

Storypath's questioning strategy problematizes content and aligns perfectly to state and national standards. This approach encourages substantive conversations and guides students' thinking about important concepts and values.

Covered in Every Unit
Reading Determine and summarize the main idea of a text
Assess the importance of point of view
Evaluate content presented in different media and formats
Assess claims in a text, analyzing the reasoning and evidence
Writing Research to build and present knowledge of a subject
Engage in a range of writing tasks in which audience and purpose is considered
Assist in the production and distribution of writing
Vocabulary Build vocabulary, infer connotative and figurative meanings
Understand the implications of diction
Speaking &
Use collaborative skills to make a decision as a group
Consider delivery of ideas to support a position through presentation
Engage in careful listening during presentations and take a position

Introduces Citizenship

"Research suggests that students start to develop social responsibility and interest in politics before the age of nine. The way they are taught about social issues, ethics, and institutions in elementary school matters a great deal for their civic development."
—Civic Mission of Schools, 2003, p. 12

Fulfills recommendations from The Civic Mission of Schools
Revitalize civic learning from the dry facts of history and the structure of government to focus on the ways citizens can and must be engaged participants in civic life. Focus instruction on a vibrant discussion of historical facts and their underlying values.
View civic learning as an interdisciplinary subject that can and should be employed
across the curriculum.
Use civic learning to build twenty-first century skills, help prevent dropouts, and improve school climate.
Utilize alternative forms of assessment, such as group projects or portfolio assessments, that are better suited to demonstrate student achievement in civic learning than more traditional tests.

Gould, Jonathan, ed., Guardian of Democracy: The Civic Mission of Schools. The Leonore Annenberg Institute for Civics of the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania and the Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools.

Teach literacy and social studies at the same time.
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Teacher's Handbook

contains planning guides, teaching notes,
and strategies for differentiation and assessment

Student Portfolio

is where students manage their reading
and writing, and it also doubles as
an assessment tool

Content Slide Sets

provide focused nonfiction
content for group reading

Boy and girl grades 5-8
The Struggle for Independence-STP630
Ancient Egypt-STP610

Titles for Grade 7

A Nation Divided
The Castle
Coming to America
Freedom Summer
Life in Ancient Egypt
The Museum
The Oregon Trail
The Space Colony
The Struggle for Independence
The Transcontinental Railroad

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