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This superb middle school atlas (also suitable for upper elementary and high school) communicates not only where things are, but what those places are like. Simply written text cements maps (political, physical-political, and thematic), infographics, captioned photographs, and articles into cogent overviews. This expanded edition features six-page treatments for each of eight U.S. regions (plus Alaska and Hawaii), while continents are covered in sections ranging from two pages (Antarctica) to 16 pages (Asia). Maps include dual alphanumeric and latitude/longitude location grids. Additional features: indexes, comparison tables, maps summarizing the settlement of the U.S., and an 18-page how-to-use-an-atlas tutorial. A substantial optional teacher's guide contains cross-curricular lessons accompanied by reproducible student worksheets, reproducible outline maps, extension activities, and a glossary of geographic terms. Designed for grades 5–9. 8½" x 11". Rand McNally. 208 pages. 13th Edition. ©2015.

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QuantityOrder CodeISBNMedia/ContentPrice5 or more Price
RM304-WBSSS Paperback atlas $12.00$10.80 (5 or more)
RM320-WBSSS 9780528015151 CLASSROOM SET: 30 atlases $349.00
RM321-WBSSS Teacher's guide $119.00

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