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BRAIN GAMESUses experiments, misdirection, and tricks to explore perception, memory, and attention


This fascinating three-part National Geographic program uses interactive experiments, misdirection, and tricks to demonstrate how our brains create the illusion of a seamless reality through memory, sensory perceptions, and how we focus our attention. The first segment, "Watch This!," explores optical illusions, including a look at Hollywood special effects. The second segment, "Pay Attention!," reveals the ways in which magicians manipulate attention in order to pull off their illusions. The final segment, "Remember This!," shows how scientists investigate things such as short-term memory and recognizing faces. As the experiments provide a unique view into the functioning of the brain, experts explain how and why these tests work. Narrated by Neil Patrick Harris. Grades 7 and up. English with English subtitles. Color. Total time: 158 minutes. ©2011.

This Title is part of the Series: BRAIN GAMES

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