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EARTH—A NEW WILDShows how saving nature is really about saving ourselves


Where Humans and Animals Meet

By turning the cameras around to show the world as it really is—with humans in the picture—this spectacular wildlife series demonstrates that humankind is an inextricable ecological factor in even the wildest places. In five one-hour episodes (focusing on megafauna, plains, forests, oceans, and fresh water) filmed in 45 locations across 29 countries, dozens of captivating case studies illustrate an often unexpected interdependence among species and promote the idea that saving nature is really about saving ourselves. Hosted by ecologist M. Sanjayan. Note: some disturbing scenes. Grades 5 and up. SDH subtitles. Color. National Geographic. ©2014.

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PBS510DV-WBSSS 9781627892148 2 DVDs (widescreen) $29.99

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