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The Idea That Changed the World

Playing out like a grand adventure story, this energetic history of the Reformation portrays Luther as a charismatic, populist, "media-savvy" figure who became "Europe's first celebrity" as he sparked a revolution that irrevocably changed both Christianity and European civilization. Theatrical film–quality reenactments, with dramatic dialog drawn verbatim from Luther's own writings and speeches, are overlaid with clear narration to form the heart of the documentary. In addition, commentary from historians and theologians places the events of Luther's life in context while also making his ideas readily accessible. What results is a lively tale that reveals how the Reformation was far more than a conflict over doctrine. Grades 9 and up. English with English subtitles. Color. Approximately 120 minutes. PBS. ©2017.

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PBS574DV-WBSSS 9781531703424 DVD (widescreen) $24.99

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