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Introduction to Sociology

This authoritative overview of core sociological concepts comprises 22 half-hour lessons. Interviews with leading experts are interspersed with historic and contemporary footage, while real-world "Slice of Life" scenarios demonstrate how sociology's concepts are lived out in daily life. The topic-specific lessons develop sequentially from defining sociology, to describing its methods and main concerns, to particular areas of study such as social stratification, sex roles, politics, the economy, religion, urbanization, and much more. Culminating lessons examine social movements and social change.
Disc 1:
  • Connections (The Sociological Perspective)
  • Truth Be Told (Sociological Investigation)
  • Common Ground (Culture)
  • Fitting In (Socialization)
  • Face to Face (Social Interaction in Everyday Life)
  • All Together (Groups and Organizations)
Disc 2:
  • Against the Grain (Deviance)
  • Matters of the Flesh (Sexuality)
  • Ups and Downs (Social Stratification)
  • Worlds Apart (Global Stratification)
  • Venus and Mars (Gender Stratification)
  • Colors (Race and Ethnicity)
Disc 3:
  • Golden Years (Aging and the Elderly)
  • Working World (The Economy and Work)
  • Balance of Power (Politics and Government)
  • Family Matters (Family)
  • In God We Trust (Religion)
  • Learning Curves (Education)
Disc 4:
  • Taking the Pulse (Health and Medicine)
  • Rise and Fall (Population, Urbanization, and Environment)
  • Mass Appeal (Collective Behavior and Social Movements)
  • Waves of Change (Social Change: Traditional, Modern and Post-Modern Societies)
Grades 9 and up. Color and black-and-white. 26 minutes each. Total time: 572 minutes. INTELECOM. ©2005.

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