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By William E. White. Written in a conversational, friendly tone, this colorfully illustrated book explores the "Great Debate"—the long-running formal and informal exchange of ideas that Americans have engaged in throughout the country's history. Focusing on four main themes—unity and diversity, private wealth and common wealth, law and ethics, and freedom and equality—lively chapters look at key moments and figures as it draws parallels between past and present, emphasizing that the "Great Debate" still continues today. Broken into brief, one- to two-page sections dotted with cartoon-style drawings, primary source excerpts, maps, infograhics, and sidebars that pose questions related to the four themes, the book's chapters use politicians, protest, going to school, and the American Dream as examples of how the different sides of the debate have played out in American history. Grades 5–12. Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. 146 pages. ©2017.

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