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VOLUME II: Primary Sources for Ancient History

VOLUME II: Primary Sources for Ancient History

The Roman World

Topics include Rome's foundation story, the Gallic capture of Rome, the Pyrrhic War, Rome's Italian Confederation, the war with Hannibal, Roman government and public morals, the Gracchi, Sulla's dictatorship, Crassus and Spartacus, Pompey's rise, Cicero, Julius Caesar, Augustus's achievements, Tacitus's account of Nero's reign, social aspects of the Roman empire, the Roman Imperial Army, Mithras, religious diversity and turmoil in Roman Judea, the New Testament, Christianity, Diocletian's Edict, the gradual outlawing of paganism, and Attila the Hun. 497 pages. ©2017.

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This Title is part of the Series: PRIMARY SOURCES FOR ANCIENT HISTORY

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