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THE BRAINWitty essays accompanied by infographics, quzizes, and "try this at home" experiments


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By Alison George. Featuring witty essays, enlightening infographics, mind-bending quizzes, and fascinating "try this at home" experiments, this eye-opening handbook takes readers on a journey through intelligence, memory, creativity, the unconscious, and beyond. From strange ways to distort what we think of as "reality" to brain hacks that can improve memory, the manual not only provides an understanding of the brain, but also suggests ways to use it to its full potential. Find out how to harness brainpower to defy aging and upgrade dreams, how human grey matter compares with that of other animals, how to hallucinate without the aid of drugs, how to "futureproof" the brain, and more. The guide also includes a fold-your-own model that further illustrates the brain's incredible complexity. Grades 9 and up. Index. Glossary. Further reading. 7½" x 10". Nicholas Brealey. 208 pages. ©2018.

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