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INQUIRY-BASED LESSONS IN WORLD HISTORYReady-to-use, primary source–based lessons


By Jana Kirchner and Andrew McMichael. Ready-to-use, primary source-based lessons employ a range of instructional techniques to encourage students to read and think like historians. Each activity focuses on a compelling "organizing question" (e.g., "How does Declaration of the Rights of Man reflect ideas of the Enlightenment?") and includes a detailed teaching procedure, historical context, strategies used, materials needed, and a reproducible primary source document. Chapters correspond to the scope and sequence of most world history textbooks and are aligned with NCHS and CCSS standards. (Note: both books include the same lessons on "The World in Transition: 750–1500.") Grades 7–10. References. Source notes. 8½" x 11". Prufrock. 261 pages each. ©2019.
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SRB240-WBSSS COMPLETE SET: 2 activity books with reproducible pages $75.90

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