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THE UNTOLD HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATESChallenge students' assumptions about U.S. history


Young Readers Edition, Volume 1, 1898–1945

By Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick. Adapted by Susan Campbell Bartoletti. This riveting departure from traditional textbooks challenges prevailing views by telling the marginalized and altogether absent stories of America's past. Based on archival findings, declassified information, and the contention that setting a new path for the future requires an honest look at the past, this first of four volumes focuses on the late 19th century to the dropping of the atomic bombs. Scrutinizing the issues of race, war, greed, corruption, propaganda, censorship, and more, the book addresses such topics as the bloody suppression of the Filipino struggle for independence, the proliferation of U.S. military bases across the globe, and the accumulation of vast fortunes by the wealthiest Americans. Grades 7–12. Index. Timeline. Source notes. Illustrated. Athenum. 383 pages. ©2014.

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