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AP* PSYCHOLOGY EXAM SECRETS STUDY GUIDEPresents five "secrets" and 20 test-taking tips


Your Key to Exam Success

Fast-paced and to the point, this student guide offers unique insights into the AP testing process and also presents a concise, targeted review of the main subjects covered on the exam. After presenting five "secrets" (e.g., "Time Is Your Greatest Enemy," "Guessing Is Not Guesswork"), the guide outlines general strategies and lists 20 test-taking tips; later sections discuss what one's test score will reveal about that individual's IQ, what test anxiety is and how to overcome it, and whether retaking the test is likely to improve a student's score. The guide concludes with a 94-question multiple-choice test with answers fully explained, along with a free-response question. 8" x 11". Mometrix Media. 127 pages.

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MOM100-WBSSS 9781614034896 Paperback $24.99

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