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CAPTAIN AMERICA VS. IRON MANHow psychology can explain the clash between superheroes


Freedom, Security, Psychology

Edited by Travis Langley. What psychological factors go into the make-up of a superhero? Why do Captain America and Iron Man see things so differently? What are their motives? Who is right? Which will win, the one with strong general intelligence or the one with a walloping good superpower? Ten essays discuss those issues and such topics as how trauma shapes a superhero, superhero training (the psychology of getting better at being super), and comic book codes of masculinity. Interwoven into the chapters are descriptions of the works of well-known psychological theorists including Jean Piaget, Erich Fromm, and Lawrence Kohlberg plus intriguing discussions about morality, leadership, and teamwork. Grades 9 and up. Index. Sterling. 176 pages. ©2016.
This Title is part of the Series: PSYCHOLOGY OF POP CULTURE

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