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StrataLogica is a website that makes most of Nystrom’s maps, globes, atlases, and activity sets digital and available to teachers and students both at home and in school. Carefully spiraled levels of sophistication in StrataLogica’s geography resources allow teachers to meet the needs of every student at every level, from the rawest beginner to the AP ace—and StrataLogica includes extensive history resources as well. Intuitive tools allow students to add layers of meaning—photographs, captions, videos, text—so they can create and share dynamic presentations that literally change their map of the world. Students can work separately and then merge their work, and hundreds of ready-to-use activities supplement endless opportunities for teachers to integrate their own custom lessons. StrataLogica comes in three configurations:

Elementary. Main contents:

  • 4 digital 2-D map and 3-D globe layers: Early Learning (grades K–1), Readiness (grades 2–3), Intermediate Physical (grades 4–5), Intermediate Political (grades 4–5)
  • 6 digital atlases: Jumbo (kindergarten), Block Buddy (grade 1), Nystronaut (grade 2), Map Champ (grade 3), Junior Geographer (grades 4–5), and Our Country’s History (U.S. history for grade 5)
  • Student activities matching each of the atlases
  • 16 U.S. history maps

Secondary. Main contents:

  • 3 digital 2-D map and 3-D globe layers: Political Relief, Land Cover, and Sculptural Relief
  • 32 U.S. history maps and matching student activities
  • 32 world history maps and matching student activities
  • 4 digital atlases: World (5th edition), Desk, United States History, and World History
  • Student activities matching each of the atlases
  • 8 economics charts with matching student activities
  • 8 government and civics charts with matching student activities

Complete. All the contents in both the elementary and secondary configurations described above.

Individual licenses for each configuration provide one year of access for one teacher and all that teacher's students. Site licenses provide access for all teachers and students at a particular school.

QuantityOrder CodeISBNMedia/ContentPrice
NYS4201E-WBSSS Grades K–5 individual license $100.00
NYS4201SITE-WBSSS Grades K–5 site license $900.00
NYS4101E-WBSSS Grades 6–12 individual license $300.00
NYS4001SITE-WBSSS Grades 6–12 site license $1,900.00
NYS4501E-WBSSS Grades K–12 individual license $350.00
NYS4601SITE-WBSSS Grades K–12 site license $2,350.00

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