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By Warren Bernard. Chortle your way though a social history of America's World War II experience. This collection of cartoons offers "a unique history lesson told in comic reactions and punchlines." It showcases civilian and military comic strips as well as single-panel, editorial, and advertising cartoons, most of which have not been seen since their first publication. Some are funny, others sarcastic, and still others sobering, but all offer trenchant observations and wry advice on how to live in a time of war. Work by such cartoonists as Al Capp, Herblock, Peter Arno, Hank Ketcham, Bill Mauldin, and many others allows readers to see, for example, how Superman, Donald Duck, and Mickey Mouse helped Americans cope with fears and social upheaval. Grades 8 and up. Selected bibliography. Color and black-and-white. 10" x 13 ". Fantagraphics. 255 pages. ©2015.

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