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The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

By Malcolm Gladwell. Drawing on cutting-edge neuroscience and psychology, the best-selling author of The Tipping Point explores how our brains work while making choices, finding that quick decisions can be just as good as those agonized over and that the best decision makers have perfected the art of "thin slicing"—winnowing the few important factors from a great number of variables. Real-world examples such as the introduction of "New Coke" and the election of Warren G. Harding illustrate notable failures with regard to Gladwell's thesis, while successes include the psychologist who, based on an hour's observation with a couple, can predict with astounding accuracy whether their marriage will last. A "reading group" guide provides 31 discussion questions. Grades 9 and up. Index. Endnotes. 6" x 9". Back Bay Books. 311 pages. 2007 paperback edition.

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