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Use The Nystrom Atlas of World History plus markable activity maps to take students chronologically through the world's story line. Students build a chronological foundation of key themes and events, look for causes and effects, and analyze maps, graphs, photos, and text to discover patterns and relationships. They gather visual and textual evidence, plot information on markable activity maps, and synthesize their conclusions through writing assignments and graphic organizers. A 286-page teacher's guide supplies reproducible handouts, detailed teaching instructions, and ten assessments. Many activities incorporate 15 laminated, markable, double-sided, foldout activity maps (from 13" x 19" to 52" x 19") showing the world and some of its regions. The complete program comprises 30 atlases, 15 activity maps, 15 markers, and the teacher's guide. The teacher's guide includes an additional 15 literacy lessons. The atlas and guide cover ten eras:
  • Early Settlements and Civilizations
  • Ancient Egypt, China, and India
  • Ancient Greece and Rome
  • Empires and Cultures of Asia
  • Europe in the Middle Ages
  • The Americas to Colonial Times
  • African Empires and European Colonies
  • From Renaissance to Industrial Revolution
  • Revolutions and Imperialism
  • Twentieth Century and Beyond
Grades 6–12.

Sample images of the foldout map

Sample pages from the guidemapsandatlases Nystrom

QuantityOrder CodeISBNMedia/ContentPrice5 or more Price
NYS5161-WBSSS 9780782529425 COMPLETE PROGRAM: 30 atlases, 15 activity maps, 15 markers, teacher's guide with literacy lessons $875.00
NYS3047-WBSSS 9780782513974 Single foldout activity map $42.00
NYS0282-WBSSS 9780782513837 15 foldout activity maps $415.00
NYS5220-WBSSS 9780782529043 Teacher's guide with literacy lessons $215.00
NYS196-WBSSS 9780782528022 Atlas of World History, single copy $14.95$13.45 (5 or more)

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