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THE HISTORIAN'S APPRENTICEStudents interpret both primary and secondary sources


World History

By Jonathan Burack. Students learn how to do what historians do as they weigh both primary and secondary sources and tackle key historical questions. Each unit first sets the historical context with a background essay, warm-up activity, and a PowerPoint® presentation. Students then are presented with ten primary sources (a mix of visual and textual), each with an analysis worksheet. Next, students compare and contrast two secondary sources that offer differing opinions about the unit topic. The 40-page booklets also contain three complete lesson plans (outlining three-, four-, and five-day sequences), handout masters, suggested answers to source-analysis questions, and optional extension activities, including DBQs and a structured debate. Grades 6–12. MindSparks. ©2010.

Sample pages from The Meaning of Monotheismprimarysources HS770

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HS2055-WBSSS COMPLETE SET: 14 reproducible units $529.95
HS2055E-WBSSS COMPLETE DOWNLOADABLE SET: 14 eBooks (zip file; 303.9 MB) $529.95

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