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History In Maps

In these innovative kits, students apply geography to interpret the past using detailed, full-color historical maps from MapQuest®. Each kit consists of desk-sized 11" x 17" markable maps, and a CD-ROM containing image files of each map (ideal for use in PowerPoint® presentations), printable outline versions of the maps (for assessment or project work), and lesson plans. In addition to the map, each poster includes a brief description placing the map in historical context and a map-reading question. Finally, each kit also comes with historical overviews, critical-thinking questions, and map-skill exercises. Grades 7–12. Social Studies School Service. ©2004.

This set contains the following kits:


QuantityOrder CodeISBNMedia/ContentPrice
ZP114-WBSSS COMPLETE SET: 4 poster kits $125.80

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