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THE KOREAN WARThe first battlefield of the Cold War that led to a decades-long stalemate


Fire and Ice

This four-episode series examines the conflict recognized as the first battlefield of the Cold War. The Making of a Blood Bath describes the lead-up to and early days of the war, the international political maneuvering, the chain of U.S. and South Korean intelligence and strategic blunders, and the Pusan Perimeter. Triumph to Tragedy looks at Inchon, the UN push toward the Yalu River, and the entry of the Chinese. Retreat From Hell details the hardships of UN forces near and the massive evacuation from Hungnam, the appointment of General Ridgway, and tensions between MacArthur and Truman. Finally, Bitter Standoff explains Truman's recall of MacArthur, the two-year stalemate, Eisenhower in Korea, the armistice, and the war's legacy. Copious documentary footage is overlaid with illuminating voiceover narration and commentary by military historians and veterans. Note: contains graphic images and brief profanity. Grades 9 and up. Color and black-and-white. Total time: 176 minutes. History Channel. ©1999.

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