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A Guide to Teaching and Leading Advanced Placement Programs

By Andrew Sharos. An AP teacher in a suburban-Chicago school with a student body challenged by obstacles of all kinds reveals the tactics he uses that have led to 100 percent of his students passing the AP exam—when in the past only 18 percent had passed. He begins by laying out his SCORES system of instruction (Simplify homework, Create a quiz culture, Offer writing conferences, Review early and often, Evaluate cumulatively, Stop your agenda) and providing real-life examples of each step in action. Subsequent chapters discuss "The Best Quality of Incredible Teachers," "Unconventional AP" (using technology, going beyond the classroom, "old-fashoned fun"), "Building an AP Program," and more. The guide concludes with FAQs and lists of 25 classroom strategies and 25 program strategies. Resources. Illustrated. Dave Burgess Consulting. 169 pages. ©2018.

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