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BATTLEGROUND STATESSimulate campaigns and elections in the battleground states


A Tug-of-War for Hearts, Minds, Votes

By Carla Young Garrett. In a simulated presidential election, students become citizens of the five key battleground states that have often determined the winner. Based on a survey, teachers distribute students evenly on the political spectrum, making all five simulated states electoral toss-ups in the classroom just as they are in real life. Then classroom political campaigns—with roles for candidates, speechwriters, pollsters, media spokespeople, and Get Out the Vote operatives—appease their political bases while appealing to swing voters. The class's popular and Electoral College results just might predict real-world election results! The full simulation requires eight to ten class periods, but is easily adaptable for shorter timeframes. Grades 8–12. Resource list. McREL correlations. Grading rubric. 8" x 11". Center for Economic and Civic Education. 40 pages. ©2015.

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