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AFRICA'S GREAT CIVILIZATIONSHenry Louis Gates, Jr., takes viewers on an epic journey through 200,000 years of African history


Henry Louis Gates, Jr., takes viewers on a 200,000-year journey through the history of Africa from the birth of humankind to the dawn of the 20th century, telling an epic story of how the African people built empires, fought wars, established flourishing cities, furthered learning, and created some of the world's most sublime art and architecture. He investigates such topics as the roots of the earliest human societies, the rise in ancient Africa of Christianity and Islam, complex trade networks, advanced educational institutions, the development of the slave trade, and the scramble by Europeans for riches in the 19th century. Included are little-known stories about the Iron Age kingdom of Axum, the libraries of Timbuktu, the development of Zanzibar into an intercontinental trading hub, and much more. Grades 6 and up. English SDH subtitles. Color. Total time: 360 minutes. McGee Media and Inkwell Films. ©2017.

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PBS571DV-WBSSS 9781531700065 2 DVDs (widescreen) $34.99

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