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HOW PSYCHOLOGY WORKSBold infograhics and clear text make the workings of the brain easy to understand


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Through a combination of bold infographics and clear text, this guide makes the workings of the brain easy to understand, explains the various approaches that psychologists use to study how people think and behave (such as behaviorism, cognitive psychology, and humanism), and shows how these can be applied to real-world situations. The book also defines hundreds of psychological terms (such as neurosis, psychosis, psychopathy, self-efficacy, flow, human factors, and false-memory syndrome), and offers examples from the workplace, sports field, courtroom, classroom, and more to provide a greater understanding of what influences behavior, thoughts, and feelings in a variety of environments and scenarios. Grades 9 and up. Index. Dorling Kindersley. 256 pages. ©2018.

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