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MYSTERIES OF SEEINGHow do our brains work to create what we see?


Why We See What Is Not There and Fail to See What Is

Showing students how to "unlearn" what they know about seeing, this fascinating PowerPoint® presentation reveals and emphasizes that the brain—not the eye—is the prime organ of vision. Overarching topics include how our eyes and brains work to create what we see, the psychology of perception, and the mental shortcuts (biases or heuristics) we use without conscious awareness to influence our decisions. The presentation is suffused with photos, graphics (e.g., optical illusions and perception tests), and embedded video clips illustrating various phenomena, while detailed presenter's notes (when applicable) elaborate upon information on the slides. The teacher's guide includes an overview, objectives, discussion questions and answers, extension activities, and handout masters, and contains reproductions of all slides and their notes. Grades 9–12. Social Studies School Service. ©2011.


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ZP299-WBSSS 9781560046776 PowerPoint® presentation on CD-ROM, teacher's guide $49.95

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