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PSYCHOLOGY CONCEPTS 1Presents key content that alternates with hands-on activities that keep students engaged


Designed to keep students active and engaged as they learn key content, these PowerPoint® presentations provide succinct introductions to three key psychology topics: experimentation, learning, and memory. The presentations intersperse activities throughout the slides so that students can participate, use the new information they've acquired, and increase their level of understanding. Notes sections for the slides have background information, discussion questions, as well directions for the activities.
  • Experimentation covers experiment design, sample size, randomization, independent and dependent variables, and control groups.
  • Learning covers classical and operant conditioning, positive and negative reinforcement, Pavlov, and conditioned and unconditioned stimuli.
  • Memory covers short-term and long-term memory, organizing memories, recall vs. recognition, and forgetting.
Grades 9–12. Peanut Publishing. ©2012.psychfundamentals

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PN131P-WBSSS 3 PowerPoint® presentations on 1 CD-ROM $49.95
PN131PP-WBSSS Downloadable PowerPoint® presentations (zip file; 31 MB) $49.95

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