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AP* HUMAN GEOGRAPHYHow geography shapes human behavior


Making Sense of Planet Earth

Students gain geographical insight into how human activity—politics, economics, agriculture, urban redevelopment, and cultural shifts—is remaking the surface of the earth. Eight 29-minute programs employ a spatial approach to teach viewers about these main topics: tools of human geography, population distribution and migration, understanding human culture, political boundaries, agriculture and rural land use, industrialization and economic development, cities and urban land use, and confronting future challenges. Printable teacher’s guides and maps are included on the discs. An AP version adds a ninth program and an AP-specific teacher’s guide. Grades 7–12. Closed captioned. Color. Total time: 232 minutes. Ambrose. ©2012.

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AMB375DV-WBSSS AP* BOXED SET: 9 programs on 5 DVDs $249.99

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