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The Dark Charisma of Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler seemed an unlikely leader—fueled by anger, incapable of forming normal human relationships, and unwilling to debate political issues. Yet this strange character was once loved by millions. How was this possible? With the help of testimony from those who lived through those times, plus archival and documentary footage (including color home movies), this three-part documentary reveals how Hitler managed to turn from a nobody in 1913—someone thought "peculiar"—into the chancellor and fuehrer of the German people. Both a lesson in history and a cautionary tale for the future, the program covers his early years, the decisions that led to his rise, and the factors that made him so charismatic that people would blindly follow him—even to the destruction of their country. Specific attributes are scrutinized, including his strategic identification of scapegoats, his tendency to remain vague about policy, and his instinct to stay above the fray. Grades 9 and up. English SDH subtitles. Black-and-white and color. 176 minutes. BBC. ©2016.

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