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I CAN BE PRESIDENTUse elementary schoolers' ideas about the presidency as a jumping-off point for discussion with your students


A Kid's-Eye View

Use the childish misconceptions and delightful candor of the diverse group of elementary schoolers in this award-winning short documentary to spark serious discussions in middle and high school government and civics classes. What are the requirements to be president? What makes a good president? How could you ready yourself for the job? What would America be like if a kid were president? ("No spinach!") A mixture of interviews and animations delivers simple yet profound observations on diversity, war, life, opportunity, civics, ethics, being a leader, and becoming an adult. Says one child, "Being a better person right now can make you a president when you grow up." Color. 22 minutes. HBO. ©2011.

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FJ143DV-WBSSS DVD (widescreen) $12.95

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