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TEXT INSPECTION ON THE CORECombines history content with CCSS skills


Close Reading Strategies for Uncovering Informational Text

By Anthony J. Fitzpatrick. Enhance students' close-reading abilities and higher-order thinking skills with strategies and activities inspired by Sherlock Holmes. Revolving around the idea of turning students into "text inSPECtors" who delve into the Social, Political, Economic, and Cultural context of any given topic, strategies convert the classroom into a detective agency that doesn t divorce content from skills. For example, "Who Done It?" activities challenge students to use context clues to discover the authors of quotes that have been stripped of any bibliographic information. The CCSS-aligned activities center around primary sources from U.S. history that were selected in accordance with PARCC guidelines. Also includes graphic organizers, student samples, and opportunities for practice. Grades 6–12. Illustrated. Inedvation. 136 pages. ©2015.

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