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WORLD HISTORY IN DOCUMENTSPrimary source documents from five major time periods


A Comparative Reader

Edited by Peter N. Stearns. A wide-ranging collection of primary source documents from five major time periods and every continent juxtaposes contrasting viewpoints. Roman slave law, for instance, is published alongside India's laws of caste. Spanish, French, and Aztec writers describe the age of exploration. Nineteenth-century British, French, and Japanese businessmen explain their guiding values, while 20th-century fascists, nationalists, and democratic dissidents argue their viewpoints. Following a preface that focuses on trends in the field, introductory essays establish context, and open-ended questions encourage critical thinking on 36 topics, giving particular attention to world history's global processes. The book guides readers into colliding systems of politics, culture, gender, labor, migration, and social structure. Grades 10 and up. New York University. 417 pages. Second Edition. ©2008.apworldprimarysources

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