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AP World History

By Ken Burd. Use PowerPoint® presentation slides to show students a step-by-step method for formulating and composing a well-written response to the AP World History DBQ. Prepared by an experienced world history teacher, the presentation uses a sample College Board-style DBQ to break down the process of answering the question into four stages: analyzing the question, organization, interpreting the documents, and thesis development and review. The unit comes with a CD-ROM containing the PowerPoint® presentation and teacher instructions. Designed to be used in conjunction with sample DBQs in the reproducible activity book DBQ Practice: World History. (Also available is Writing the DBQ, a set of six 11" x 17" posters.) Social Studies School Service. ©2005.

Sample pages from the activity book

Sample pages from the guide for the PowerPoint presentation

Sample images of the postersadvancedplacement

QuantityOrder CodeISBNMedia/ContentPrice
ZP272-WBSSS COMPLETE SET: PowerPoint® presentation, reproducible activity book, posters $71.85
ZP273-WBSSS 9781560042341 PowerPoint® presentation $29.95
ZP262-WBSSS 9781560041450 DBQ Practice: World History reproducible activity book $19.95
ZP107-WBSSS 9781560041894 Writing the DBQ poster kit $29.95

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