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Through role-playing and kinesthetic learning, students re-create turning points in U.S. history. Whether used as lead-ins to upcoming lessons or as wrap-up activities, these brief mini-simulations provide your students with experiences that will shape their historical perceptions and positively enhance their understanding of past, current, and future events. Each simulation includes a lesson plan, a background essay on the topic, a schematic for classroom setup, and ideas for short and long debriefings. Units conclude with a corresponding Common Core-based historical investigation activity that tests students' historical thinking skills. The historical investigations, each of which can function as a stand-alone activity, provide a driving question with primary and secondary sources for analysis. Note: Some simulations may evoke strong emotions; teachers should make sure that students are prepared for intense experiences. Time: One-half to two class periods each. Grades 6–12. Interact. Second Editions. ©2017–18.

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INT419-WBSSS COMPLETE SET: 15 simulations $132.90

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