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Middle School U.S. History
Primary Source Analysis

Support middle and high school history with excellent text and visual primary source analysis activities
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  • Debating the Documents
  • History Unfolding


Easily hit middle school state and national standards with text and visual primary source activities involving multiple points of views, DBQ essay-writing, and debates.

The American Revolution

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History Unfolding

Approach history through visual primary sources—artifacts, photographs, political cartoons, paintings—to develop students' visual-literacy skills: contextualizing, sourcing, and point of view. Scaffolded content provides opportunities for class-wide discussion, small-group work, and individual exploration. Promote effective DBQ and general essay-writing skills with lessons from "Evaluating Evidence" to "Writing a Strong Conclusion."

Loyalism and Patriotism

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Debating the Documents

Use primary source visuals and texts to prime higher-order thinking skills in students. These activities teach history in tandem with analysis techniques such as close reading, corroborating sources, and contextualizing. Each booklet also includes a DBQ-writing assignment. Three guided whole-class debates add depth of knowledge as well as speaking and listening skills.

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